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It is my hope that you enjoy what is here and if you have additional information that you would make it available. With registration you will be able to add comments to the family tree, but in order to maintain integrity of the data, all new information should be submitted for verification.

There will be three levels of access. All levels will require registration and verification. The first level will be somewhat limited. The second level will be available to all relatives or those that appear in the data base. The third level will allow you to add information or make comments.

Having a wealth of information about our ancestors and realizing that it all could be lost, my desire is for it to be preserved for future generations. At the writing of this, all the information has been verfied and I believe it to be quite acurate. When I was a child I had an interest in my ancestry, and oddly enough knew I would in later years want to research it. in the very early 60's I asked my grandparents about their ancestors, my grandmother had a lot of information, but my grandfather Alfred knew almost nothing, it was hard to believe he told me he did not even know the names of his grandparents.

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August 11th, 2011

Back in about 1960 my dad bought a tape recorder and gave it our family at Christmas time.  Alfred Olson always spoke on Christmas day before we opened our presents.  We recorded him that day, unfortunately because I messed with the tape player part was lost, but I have a six minute segment of it that you can download. The volume was low and you will need to crank it up. (it's 31 meg long) Download wav file

August  3rd, 2011

Having created a data base with almost 800 people who I am related to in one way or another, and ancestors dating back to the mid 18th century, I worried that the info may be lost forever and should be made public.  My son Eric has agreed to maintain this website should I not be able to.  Hope you enjoy.

By the way, in order to maintain some level of privacy, registration will be required.

For the time being limited access will be available without a password.

A partial list of my oldest Ancestors

Robert Humphrey, Lived in Hixon, Wisc in the 1800's --- August Olson, born - Dec 4th 1828 in Sweden, died March 7th, 1907 in Clark County, South Dakota --- Rufus Hulett, Born February 28, 1809 in New York, Died January 24, 1899 in Northfield, Wisc. --- Heinrich A. Knopf, born Bet. 1760 - 1785 --- Andrew J. Skon, lived in St. Paul in the 1800's --- Adam Wunderlich, born 1789 --- Johannes Magnusson born 23 Feb 1821, Lilla Sanabro, died 28 Apr 1872, Vexio, Kronebargslan ---Johanna Andersdoter, born Sept 17, 1829, died June 14, 1897


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